The easy way to get your lost phone back
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Lets You Add Your Contact Info To Your Lock Screen

The ReturnIt app for iPhone & iPad allows you to create you personalized message and return info to your Lock Screen wallpaper. Why do you need this? So you can add your contact information to the Lock Screen, so that if your iOS device is ever lost, whoever finds it can easily get in touch with them.

You can create a simple image or select from a number of backgrounds for just the right look. Even adding a photo of yourself and cropping it is easy to do and adds a great personal touch.
Use the plain look to just get the message across
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Enhance the experience with a custom background
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Include your photo for greater personalization
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Our Collection of Apps in the iOS App Store

Other apps created by Ralf includes MysteryPresent1999 - the easy way to enhance any gifting experience.
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    ReturnIt is the easy way to get your phone or pad back back.
    Create your personalized lock screen in just seconds.

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    Unlikely Story LA

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    The Unlikely Story of William Girven - a homeless artist in Santa Monica,
    California and his attempt to rise to prominence.

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    Mystery Present 1999

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    Mystery Present is the easy way to enhance any present by adding
    a touch of mystery to the gifting process.

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    NextPitch LA

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    The app that let's the crowd rate and invest in equity startup campaigns
    at NextPitchLA events aka
    Shark Tank 2.0.

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    eCrowdFunder let's users discover, evaluate and rate US equity crowdfunding campaigns.
    Users can easily create their own favorites list.

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    The first app dedicated to showcasing cannabis related startups all of whom
    have launched equity crowdfunding campaigns under regulation CF.

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